Don’t be fooled by offers of discounted prices, one day, weekend sales or free fitting. Do you know any tradesman that work for free?

Free fitting is usually offered only when you buy a more expensive underlay and is incorporated in the overall invoice price.

At Masterfit Flooring we would much rather tell you exactly what costs what at every stage.

Certain large nationwide retailers are renown for these tricks 50% discounts do not exist in reality and remember Masterfit Flooring offer a price match policy on any written quotation.


It keeps you warm on cold winter nights, cushions your feet after a hard day and absorbs sound for quiet and peaceful living.

A lot of people don’t think of it as a safety net, but by preventing your family’s slips and falls and providing padding for dropped objects, carpet has more applications than you think.

As you already know, carpet is a defining decorative element and major purchase. Remember your floor is the biggest single area of your room other than your ceiling. Before you decide on a fibre type be sure to consider the colour, texture and how it will enhance your living areas.

Which fibre is right for me?


It maintains colour while being stain and wear resistant making it a popular choice for high traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms. It is an obvious and affordable solution for comfort and value.


Easy to clean, carpets made from Polypropylene fibre can stand up against any kind of wear and tear. It’s ideal for a busy family when you need something to compete with the thrills and spills of daily life.


For a luxurious feel on a budget, Polyester gives you absolute comfort underfoot and stain-resistance for peace of mind.


Gentle. Classic. Ultimate. Wool carpet has long been the preferred choice for absolute luxury.

A natural fibre, wool offers structure and durability with the highest level of insulation. Long lasting and soft to the touch, a british pure new wool carpet is the last word in luxury for your home.

Wool can also be blended with synthetic fibers such as nylon and polypropylene which will increase the durability of the product. Ask Masterfit Flooring about the blends that best suits your needs.

Fibre style

Now that you know about the materials available to you, it is time to think about the style of the carpet. This is the way the carpet is woven or cut and will largely influence the final texture of your carpet.

Cut pile/Twist

This is the most popular type of carpet and the chances are you have already lived in a house with this kind of finish. Cut pile simply means the loops on the top of the carpet weave are cut off making it a short length no-nonsense carpet.

The yarn in any carpet is twisted a certain amount – the higher the twist the longer the carpet will last. Choose highly twisted yarn for longer lasting carpet in busy areas.

Plush / velvet

Like its namesake, plush or velvet carpet has a thick, beautiful look and feel. Deep enough to show footprints, this choice is better suited to bedrooms and low-traffic areas.

Level loop pile

Level loop pile is just that – looped yarn woven upright so it all rests at the same height. A little thicker than cut pile with a slightly different look, level loop pile is versatile for use in both high and low traffic areas.

Textured loop

For a more casual look, textured loop carpet is looped yarn at different heights. Highly durable and easy to keep neat and tidy, this is ideal when used in hallways and busy family living areas.

Cut and loop pile

This carpet can be finished in a variety of surface textures depending on your personal preference.


Beneath your carpet is a thin layer of cushioning referred to as Underlay.

It provides a base and foundation for the carpet and contributes to the padding and comfort of the carpet by bouncing back from pressure. It is made up of different materials including: SBR latex, natural rubber and recycled textile underlays.

There is one of these products for every application in the carpet installation process and Masterfit Flooring will advise you on the correct one after you have made a carpet choice. All manufacturers and flooring retailers recommend a new underlay for a new carpet.

Top Tips when Buying a Carpet

  • Choose the right carpet for the space.
    A carpet for the hall and stairs will need a harder wearing carpet than a bedroom.
  •  Consider the overall colour scheme.
    Does the carpet need to be neutral or texture to compliment the furnishings, or coloured or patterned carpet to add impact to your room.
  •  How much do you want to pay?
    Remember, the better the quality of carpet, the longer it will last and continue to look good. Don’t forget to include the cost of underlay and other materials.
  •  Get your room professionally measured.
    If you are carpeting more than one room with the same carpet flooring, it maybe more economical to have them done at the same time. For example, you may be able to do the stairs and have enough left to carpet another room.
  •  Ask us for a sample to take home to see it with your own furnishings and decor.
  •  Buy new underlay
    It will radically prolong the life of your carpets and make the carpet feel more luxurious.
  •  Always have your carpet fitted professionally
    Professional fitters stretch the carpet to fit so that the pile is upright. This means the carpet will look at its best and increase its life by avoiding rucks and unequal wear. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a quality service, free estimates and expert advise.

So whether you are a home owner, hotel, school, contractor or a property management organisation, Masterfit Flooring can supply or supply and fit the Flooring you require.

We promise to provide you with a fast, courteous and professional service and most importantly, an excellent flooring price!

We mainly concentrate on supplying UK major carpet brands including: Cormar, Penthouse, Brockway, Mayfield, Victoria just to name a few! We pride ourselves in supporting these brands; In our opinion the UK still produces the best value carpets in Europe if not the world. So, if you want a major branded carpet at a competitive price, call us on or complete the “Contact Us” section.

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