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Advice for installation and advice for cleaning & maintaining your wood floor.

Please be aware Masterfit Flooring supplies and installs REAL HARDWOOD floor not a photographic reproduction wood effect. Real wood flooring is a natural product and may vary in colour, graining & texture from the sampling and from plank to plank once the flooring has been installed. Rustic grades may have filled and finished knot holes and will be uneven in colour and texture. Water marking and staining may occur on oiled floors.

To improve the resistance to this and enhance the natural appearance we recommend that a dressing of oil be applied soon after installation. We can price for this separately if requested. The beauty of hardwood flooring is the fact that it doesn’t look uniformed and fake. All graining, colours and textures blend together to give a stunning visual mix of warmth & natural looks. Whilst every care will be taken at the installation stage this variation is indicative of hardwood floorings and is not and will not be taken as faulty in any way.

Hardwood Flooring


Solid hardwood flooring will be fitted when wet trades have finished, heating has been installed and commissioned and temperature is between 15-22 degrees centigrade. Relative humidity, in the room, ideally should remain between 45%-65%Rh during and after installation. Very wet weather over a period of time may raise the humidity levels in your room to unacceptable levels. For solid hardwood (not engineered) Customers are advised to purchase a digital hygrometer and a small de-humidifier to maintain these levels. Humidity and temperature readings will be taken at the consultation stage and will be logged for future reference. Please do not ask us to install outside these criteria.

After all these precautions are taken your real Hardwood Floor is likely to show small gaps in the winter as the central heating dries the air in your home & on solid floors natural cupping may occur in as the surface dries more than the base. Wood flooring is a natural product and may fade in direct sunlight. 

Timber is an organic material if you do not respect this your floor will not succeed. If you do and follow a few guidelines there is no reason why you should ever have any problems. THE BIGGEST THREAT TO A SOLID TIMBER FLOOR IS MOISTURE. No matter how good the product or how well it’s installed the presence or introduction of moisture is likely to result in problems it will cause the floor to cup or blow entirely. Although such damage is often repairable it is an expensive process so it is worth while identifying moisture upfront. Please bear in mind that ensuring that moisture is not present or dealing with it if it is, is your responsibility and not that of the supplier of your floor. You must ensure that the room into which you are planning to fit a solid wood floor does not have damp, is not subject to damp during the winter months, is not likely to flood and has all wet work (plastering/concrete) completed for sufficient time for the moisture contained within to dry out.

Masterfit Flooring Ltd will not be responsible for any changes to humidity and or temperature after the hardwood flooring has been installed and is not responsible financially for any repair work if levels have increased after the floor is fitted. All our wood floors are fitted to British Standard guidelines using tried and tested products and materials, they will not fail unless moisture is introduced in some way. Wood is a very tough and durable floor covering, however heavy pieces of furniture, chairs or fridges/freezers etc may scratch or dent the floor if care is not taken. We recommend the use of cups and felt pads on the feet of such items to eliminate any problems in this area. Mats are advised in external doorways to eliminate scratches and marks caused by grit, dirt and wet feet. Your new wood floor should be cleaned with a soft broom. Never with a wet mop. Cleaning products for wood floors are available at Masterfit Flooring Ltd. Spillages should be cleaned up immediately remember long term moisture will damage your wood.

Under floor Heating

PLEASE NOTE if any floor coverings including wood products are fitted on under floor heating the temperature of the sub floor should not exceed 27°C and should be limited to this parameter by your heating engineer also at the flooring installation stage the heating should be switched off 2 days beforehand. When switching on again the temperature should be set very low initially and increased in small 5 degree increments until the desired temperature is reached over 2-3 days. This procedure ideally should be practised every time the heating, usually yearly, is switched on.

The Small Print

It is impossible to see underneath old floor coverings to asses the exact condition of the sub floor prior to preparation. If old floor coverings cannot be uplifted and the whole sub floor be seen and identified at the site visit an informed, experienced estimate will be taken as to the sub floor condition and work will be estimated for on this basis. If any repair work is subsequently needed Masterfit Flooring Ltd will give an extra estimate for this work in addition to the original quotation/estimate. Consequently if old floor coverings are present the quotation will take the form of an estimate until such times as the sub floor is uncovered. If the sub floor is unseen repair work will not be quoted for, implied or given in any way. Although great care will be taken Masterfit Flooring Ltd and/or any of its employees or representatives will not be responsible for any damage to hidden services ( Pipes, Wires etc) not buried or fixed to British Standard depths. All our fixings (nails, screws etc) comply with these standard depths so will not damage services if installed correctly. Please make it clear to the fitters on the day if you have any concerns regarding this subject so alternative fixing methods can be used.


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