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Hardwood flooring – its traditional look is almost timeless, its beauty is unmatchable. However, it’s pretty hard to maintain a hardwood floor, not to mention the price you have to pay for it. Even with the most recent floor treatments they will still scratch, fade, dent and stain in a rather small amount of time. That’s why laminate flooring was invented. Because it’s machine made and its top layer is a hardwood photographic laminated surface, laminate has the look and appeal of real hardwood floors, but it’s more durable and it requires less maintenance.
Laminate flooring

Unlike real hardwood floors, laminate flooring is more resistant to scratching, staining, fading and denting. Our Laminate warranties range from 10 years to lifetime and it covers all of the bad things mentioned above, while entry level laminates come with a 10 to 15 years one. But they are designed for light traffic areas. I mentioned this because many people mistake and think that they will remain the same if used in a high traffic area during the warranty period. This is not true. Used in a high traffic area, they will begin to show wear and tear rather quick (usually within 3 to 5 years).

Remember that choosing the right laminate flooring is not as easy as it seems, but by doing that, you will save money in the long run. Just think of things like the amount of time you are planning on staying in that house or the amount of traffic, because there is no point in buying really expensive laminate flooring with extended warranty if you know that you are moving sometime in the near future. Another thing you should know is that people usually replace the floor first when moving in a new house, so, with expensive laminate with an extended warranty, you will either pay an amount of money for nothing, or for the people who will move in after you. As glueless locking mechanisms has been introduced to the market, laminate flooring has become the perfect choice for households because it has a quicker installation and it’s easier to repair.

A thing you should consider when buying laminate flooring for bathrooms or kitchens is it’s core. A thicker core is more stable, less vulnerable and sounds more like the real hardwood floor when walked on. Quality laminate cores are treated with water repellent chemicals. Also consider buying laminates with Paraffin wax impregnated joints, as this wax acts as a water repellent and prevents water from penetrating down to the core. But remember Laminate is still a wood based product, if it gets too wet it will fail. Clean only with a well rung, not soaking wet, mop. Alternatively maintenance products are available from Masterfit Flooring. As glueless locking mechanisms has been introduced to the market, laminate flooring has become the perfect choice for households because it has a quicker installation and it’s easier to repair.

Quick-Step Flooring

Quick-Step® is a laminate floor. The base of a Quick-Step® floor is a watertight, glued HDF board (High Density Fibre Board). This is covered with a design layer and a transparent overlay against wear and tear. Underneath, a barrier layer stops rising damp and prevents the boards from deforming. The design layer is a photo of wood or tiles that is printed on paper. This paper is submerged in melamine resin. This is covered with a very strong and transparent protective layer. The melamine layers are pressed on the HDF board in a press, under high pressure and temperature. In addition, a wood or tile structure is also pressed into the top layer. For example, the oak designs have a wood texture that coincides exactly with the wood pattern. The highly refined printing technique means that you can hardly tell the difference between the photo and real wood. So you can have a “wooden floor” in your home without sacrificing valuable trees. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the disadvantages of a wooden floor. There’s a Quick-Step® laminate floor for every budget; they are easy and fast to install (yourself) and easy to maintain.

Why Quick-Step

Hygienic Surface easy to Maintain. No dirt can accumulate, because the laminate has a sealed surface. So its really easy to keep clean. Keeping your floor in top condition is easy. Quick-Step® laminate is not only easy to clean, it’s hygienic too. In fact the sealed surface prevents bacteria accumulating on the floor. This is good for the prevention of allergies. We recommend dry cleaning the floor with the Quick-Step® microfibre duster.

Occassionally damp cleaning can be done using a slightly wet mop. Up to 10 times more scratch resistant. Scratch Guard Technology is the end result of years of research and investment in the field of durability. The top layer of your floor has extra protection, for you to enjoy a beautiful, natural looking floor for even longer. Easy and exceedingly strong. Easy and quick to fit saving on labour time with the revolutionary Uniclic system.

Underfloor Heating

Quick-Step® is ideal for underfloor heating. The floor is also laid with the floating method too. It is important that you choose the right Quick-Step® sub-floor. You still have the advantages of the easy and fast installation of Quick-Step® Uniclic® and you also have the advantage that:

Possible condensation is prevented by the moisture barrier; this is not possible with fullsurface gluing.

The floating installation and the pull resistance of the Uniclic® joint ensures that the joints open when the heating is on

Important: Always follow the special guidelines for underfloor heating and ask you dealer for instructions. Note: A heating system that is used to cool your home in the summer is not compatible with laminate, parquet or any other type of organic floor covering.


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