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Vinyl is a flooring material that is very well suited to kitchens and bathrooms, as it is waterproof, hardwearing, slip resistant and very easy to clean. The importance of the first attribute is obvious, since it is a room where there is likely to be a lot of water and moisture present from sinks, washing machines, dishwashers and water in the air from steam when cooking takes place. With frequent spillages, the impermeable nature of the product means it will not swell, stain or rot as a result of having water spilt on it. All vinyl flooring comes in multi width ie 2m, 3m and 4m eliminating in most cases, waste.

Waterproof & Easy Maintenance

In addition to this, vinyl is hard to scratch and does not hold dirt or mess in a way that makes it hard to clean off, with the result being that it is quick and easy to clean when food, drinks or other substances are dropped on it.

Huge Range

We stock nearly 280 vinyl flooring products and most of these are suitable for kitchens because of the attributes of the material. In addition to their basic qualities, many of these offer anti-slip coating and some are cushioned. This latter option means that springy material like foam or rubber is located inside the tiles and strips of planks and will give your feet an extra feeling of comfort while walking on it, something you may be grateful for if you are busy in the kitchen.

Quality Suppliers & Manufacturers

The products we supply are made by many manufacturers eg, Leoline, Tarkett, Forbo, Beauflor and Polyflor to name a few. Each maker offers a variety of different products, with an excellent range of choice we ensure that you will be able to find a design that suits you.

Wood Effect

Nearly a third of the products we offer are wood effect, with oak being the most popular kind, this reflects the popularity of the real thing. All sorts of oak however can be mimicked, from traditional blonde to treated bleached, charcoal black or dark brown oak. Other woods include elm, hazel, bamboo, walnut and beech are common in the selections available.


Such tile effects can mimic natural materials like Limestone, Slate and Quarry Tiles, but can also present synthetic patterns, such as a chessboard alternation of black and white squares.

In addition to this, a further option is plain vinyl flooring in many colours

Vinyl products come with different methods of installation. Some, but not all of the sheet vinyl products may require adhesives. As ever, Masterfit Flooring will advise at every stage of the correct installation methods that will be used for the product selected.

As a tough material, vinyl flooring often comes with lengthy warranties and these can include cover of 20, 25 and 30 years or even a lifetime guarantee. With so much to choose from, you should find something highly suitable for your kitchen, bathroom or ant room in the house from Masterfit Flooring.


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